norwell : drilling project management and well engineering consultancy



Founded in 1989, Norwell continues to be one of the most successful Drilling Project Management and Well Engineering Consultancies in Europe.

Over a 25 year period Norwell have project managed drilling operations in over 45 countries worldwide and provided engineering support and troubleshooting in many more.

Norwell are currently providing technical assistance in India and Project Management of Operations in Congo & Kenya, and providing engineering support in the UK & internationally.

Norwell have had an established graduate training programme for over 14 years and are accredited with the Engineering Council.



  • Continued preparations & planning for Badada-1 well, Kenya.

  • Operations completed for Sala-2 Exploration well, Kenya. Work completed for well MDW-25, India. Moved to GD-11 & commenced operations.
  • Operations commenced for exploration well LXM-101, offshore Jack-up in Congo.

  • Operations completed for Sala-1 Exploration well, Kenya. Moved rig & commenced work on Sala-2 well. Work completed for well KT-2, India. Moved to G-4-6A & commenced operations.

Well Engineering and Drilling Project Management Since 1989